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Polar FIS Customizable Engine Data Display

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WARNING: Please flip away from active Polar FIS screen or turn off when doing any sort of ECU flash or engine scanning (VCDS). They both use the same CANBUS System and Polar FIS can interfere with the process.

The Polar-FIS is a plug and play device that delivers detailed vehicle parameters to the MFA/FIS screen on your dashboard of your VW/Audi Gas or Diesel. This innovation plugs inline to the Body Control Module to offer detailed diagnostics from the CAN-BUS. No need for countless gauges on your dash, A-pillar, vents or center console anymore. The Polar-FIS delivers real time information so you can access the data when you want it. Over 40 parameters are accessible with the ability to spread specific parameters over 5 screens.

Real time data is crucial when things start to go bad in your vehicle not to mention the buffers the factory builds into the algorithms like the difference in speed displayed on the speedo vs actual speed. The Polar-FIS pulls the true data prior to entering the algorithm and give you the real-time information.

This is the new 2016 Edition that has plastic black case and KESSY Range Extended for vehicles with keyless entry and engine start.

Warning: Does not fit (2011-2014 S, SE, SEL and TDI) Jetta Sedans

Here is a <LINK> to FAQ for the Polar FIS Unit




Polar Install 



PolarFIS Advance Parameters for Mk6 TDI:

  • - Real speed (read from ECU)
  • - Oil temperature (°C / °F)
  • - Coolant temperature (°C / °F)
  • - Outdoor temperature (°C / °F)
  • - Admision temperature (°C / °F)
  • - Turbo boost pressure (bar/ PSI)
  • - Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
  • - RPM motor
  • - Voltage of the battery.
  • - Fuel remaining (Litres / Gallons)
  • - Atmospheric pressure
  • - Pressure fuel pump
  • - Motor load.
  • - Ambient Temperature (engine ECU)
  • - Coolant temperature engine output.
  • - Coolant temperature leaving the radiator.
  • - Mass air flow
  • - Admision pressure
  • - Sensor 1 throttle pedal
  • - Sensor 2 throttle pedal
  • - Sensor 1 throttle valve
  • - Sensor 2 throttle valve
  • - Horse power used (CV)
  • - Oil level
  • - Minimum oil level
  • - Brake master cylinder pressure
  • - Pressure in the fuel rail
  • - Torque used NM
  • - Injection timing
  • - Injection quantity
  • - Injection angle
  • - Injection start
  • - TV Free function

Other Features include:
- Built in VIM to enable video on a stereo screen while the vehicle is in motion.
- POLAR Advanced FIS supports OEM Bluetooth and Fiscon Bluetooth, unlike other products, POLAR Advanced FIS does not use the Bluetooth menu in the FIS, but creates a new menu called Advanced POLAR FIS.
- The name of the created menu is customizable, which can substitute the name POLAR Advanced FIS by the text you want (up to 10 characters)
- Option to turn off the POLAR Advanced FIS screen off making the unit undetectable when taking the car in for service or repair. Is reactivated by simply pressing the OK button on the steering wheel or windshield wiper lever for 10 seconds.
- Automatic temperature units (° C, ° F), Speed (kmh / mph), and Size (Litres / Gallons) selected in the FIS.
- Manual selection of the units in which you want to display the parameters relating to pressure. Automatic, mbar, bar, PSI.
- Multi-function steering wheel / Wiper stalk control.

Sometimes not all the perimeters are supported please request a list from Kerma for your car.

- Polar Advanced FIS automatically installs itself in the gateway, so you do not need diagnostic software after installation.

Quick Start Guide after install:

1. scroll to phone screen on your steering wheel

2. Hold OK on phone screen

3. Press ok on Visualization

4. Press ok on Parameters

5. Press ok on Screen 1

6. Press ok on Parameters and start choosing the one you want for screen 1 up to 4 parameters per screen and continues to screen 2 and so forth.

Note: to adjust units/measurements (PSI, Fahrenheit, Milligrams, MPH etc) after holding down OK go to visualization and scroll to advanced. Click advanced and your measurement/units can be adjusted. 


Possible available parameters and values link

(every car is different some parameters may not appear)



Extra features and capabilities

- Ability to setup the number of blinks of convenience signal lights (up to 10 blinks).
- Automatic passenger mirror auto tilt option after engage reverse gear as a parking aid .
- Activation of secret vehicle functions that until now only were possible with a diagnosis cable and special software.
- TV-Free in Motion function to play videos or TV in the navigation with the vehicle in motion for the enjoyment of passengers.
- Customizable steering wheel keys and windshield wiper lever.
- Modification of the sensitivity of the rain sensor.
- Modification of the sensitivity of the light sensor.
- Enable / Disable American DLR.
- Enabling / Disabling daytime running lights.
- Enabling / Disabling cornering/gyre aid lights (using fog lights).
- Enabling / Disabling second rear fog light (when bulb is installed).
- Enable / disable automatic doors lock from 15 km/h.
- Enable / disable automatic closing by rain.
- Enabling / Disabling one touch closing windows.
- Enable / Disable hazard warning in case of sudden braking.
- ...

NOTE: In these diagnosis functions, Polar Advanced FIS performs the tasks of coding the ECU with the requested function transparently for you, so if this function is not supported by your vehicle ECU, then it cannot be activated.

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Reviews and Q&A


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