Qpro Instructions

Basically you will just

1) plug the device into the car's OBD connector to read the info from the car. then

2) install the Console app on your PC, and send us the info from the Qpro.

3) We send your tune.

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Step 1: Use the Qpro to capture the car's info

Connect the supplied OBD cable to the Qpro, then take it to the car and plug it into the car's OBD connector.

Tap the "tuning" icon, and follow the touchscreen prompts to read the "original file" data from your car. (Hint: Use the double "right" arrow to proceed to the next screen as applicable)

Step 2: Download and install the Console software

Here's the link to download the user software (Console app) for your PC
Download to a place you will remember, like your desktop for example. 
Then double click on the program icon and follow the prompts to install the "Console" app on your PC
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Step 3: Download and e-mail your car's data

Start the Console App on your PC and plug the Qpro into USB. Let it finish updating over the internet.  Then select "Download Data" to save the data file to your PC. Attach the file to an e-mail and send to tuning@kermatdi.com remembering to include your name and or invoice number. 

Step 4: upload the file we send

After we send the modified file, use the QPro Console software to upload to the device. Then go to the car, and follow the onscreen prompts to write the tuned file to the car.

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