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How to Bypass Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8 and Windows 10
To install the Q-loader Console in Windows 8, you must first disable "driver signature enforcement". This is done at a special startup menu called "advanced startup options" that can be made to appear when the PC is started.
Easiest way to access advanced startup options is to hold the "SHIFT" key while tapping or clicking "restart".  
Otherwise you can 
1)  go into the side bar (charm bar) while on the desktop. (windows key)
2) At the bottom is "change PC settings". Select that and
3) then go to "General". Under "General" there is an option "Advanced Startup" (windows 8)
or (update and recovery" for windows 8.1)
4) select "Restart Now" under that option. The pc restarts. For windows 8.1 you will need to click "recovery" before you see "restart now" under advanced startup.
After the PC restarts, you will access the "Advanced Startup Options" menu.
5) A menu appears during the reboot. Select "Troubleshoot" then "Advanced Options".
6) Next select "Startup Settings" a menu comes up and
7) press 7 on the keyboard for "disable driver signature enforcement".
8) PC will restart
9) Then you can plug in the Q-loader and have the hardware wizard search for a driver under C:\ (NOT more specific ie. C:\Qloader\driver, only C:\)
also this: