Step 2: Download and install the Console software

Here's the link to download the user software (Console app) for your PC
Download to a place you will remember, like your desktop for example. 
Then double click on the program icon and follow the prompts to install the "Console" app on your PC
Note: Some anti-virus programs flag this file as a virus, because it accesses a remote server for updates. It is not a virus! You may need to disable your anti-virus programs for the installation. You may also need to whitelist the program and or folder. Refer to your anti-virus provider documentation regarding how to accomplish this.
If you have a "device not found" error, see the additional instructions for windows 8 and windows 10 (on the main instructions page.) Follow those additional steps, then repeat the installation. 
Hint: Also helps to run the install program as an adminstrator (accessed via "right clicking" the program icon and  and selecting  menu)