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Bosio PowerPlus 764 Single Nozzle

Pricing: $90.00



The Power Plus 764 Nozzle is the an excellent upgrade for most TDIs equipped with a mild to moderate turbo upgrade. It is also an effective upgrade on other VE TDI cars. 232.0 um orifice diameter.

The OEM and their suppliers must compromise quality and performance characteristics to meet production numbers. These limitations are compounded by the bean-counters in the corporate office always demanding lower cost.

The Fratelli Bosio Power Plus philosophy removes these artificial OEM limitations, by applying industry-leading technology to decades of injector nozzle manufacturing know-how.

Each Power Plus nozzle embodies thousands of hours of testing to achieve the most effective design, without compromise

The result:

- optimized spray pattern

- closer tolerances

- hardened wear surfaces

- More power than the OEM parts

- More torque than OEM parts

- Less exhaust smoke for the same power output

- Improved economy in many cases

The Power Plus 764 is recommended for TDIs with a mild to moderate turbo upgrade and ECU tuning.

The absolute best results will be obtained when used in conjunction with the Q Loader Flash Programmer and Kerma Tuning (see 'Chip Tuning and ECU Upgrades'), a VNT 17 or larger turbo, (see Turbos) an upgraded exhaust system, (please see our selection of downpipes and exhaust options) and upgraded air charge cooling. (see our front mount intercooler kits) Such a set up will support 150-210 WHP

[off-road use only]

Click the link to see the POWERPLUS dyno test results.

Click the link to see the DIY guide on how to install nozzles

How To Instructions for injector nozzle installation will be in a link in your invoice.Simply copy and paste into a web browser. Adobe acrobatreader must beinstalled.


Hot-Swap injector program: We highly recommend our Hot-Swap injector program featuring Injector Calibration Service. It is the only way to properly set up your new Genuine Bosio nozzles for ideal performance. Please CLICK HERE for more details.

=== Purchase any set of Genuine Bosio ALH nozzles from kermaTDi and pay for Mounting, Calibration and Flow Balancing and we will ship a set of ALH / AHU / 1Z injectors mounted with your nozzles and eliminate downtime of your vehicle.

=== A $500.00 core deposit will be charged at the time of purchase. Once we receive your used set of ALH injectors complete and in serviceable condition to us you will receive your full core charge back without any hidden fees or charges!

=== Complete injectors mean (3) injectors from cylinders 1, 2 and 4 as well as the #3 injector. The #3 injector is expected to arrive without the -T- return nipple and banjo bolt. Injectors must be returned un-opened and with the nozzles installed to prevent loss of internal components.

Note: If you require the nozzles mounted in your core injectors be returned to you, a modest fee of $10.00 will be charged and the nozzles upon receipt by us will be removed, bagged and shipped back to you via USPS. If you have any special instructions please include them in the box and also when you place the order.

=== Serviceable condition means no marring of the injector bodies such as vice grip marks or other surface damage to the return nipples and threads. The #3 injector must be in good condition without ANY damage, fraying or tearing of the sensor wire. If there is any damage to the injectors that renders them damaged or unserviceable we reserve the right to retain your full core deposit.

Note: To prevent damage to the injectors you must remove the injectors using a slide hammer thus extracting them upward and out of the head. This will prevent damage to the injectors and allows easy and quick extraction with minimal effort. This extractor is available for purchase at low cost through kermaTDI and there are plans to make your own on the net. In either case using this extraction method is the surest way to remove the injectors without damage.

=== We realize that at times injectors may be damaged we would like to remind you that we offer a complete set of NEW injectors at very competitive prices shipped to you ready for install.



ULSD Rated

Product ID: PP764

+25 hp +50 torque

Flow Data: 154% Above Stock Flow

- Optimized hole geometry for improved flow characteristics

- closer tolerances
- hardened wear surfaces
- DLC Coated needle for superior wear characteristics with ULSD fuel
- More power than the OEM parts
- More torque than OEM parts
- Less exhaust smoke for the same power output
- Improved fuel economy settings can be set at time of install

- 5 year unlimited mileage warranty with installation


We flow tested and data logged complete sets of these generic "LA 150P 502" aftermarket nozzles claiming to be on par with the PowerPlus 764 nozzle. The overall quality was on par with a $5 "Made in China" nozzle. The actual flow results were not surprising (to us anyway). We picked the highest flow nozzle of the batches we recieved and graphed the flow data. The flow variations were significant despite the claims that they were "flow matched" using a gun powder measuring tray. We understand that they flowed "3.5 grains" (marked on the injectors) using 25 strokes of their vintage hand pump.

What we found using a certified nozzle flow bench was a typical variation to be in excess of 10% using ISO 4113 calibration fluid at 40C. Also, we found the actual flow to be far below the PowerPlus 764 in actual flow volume. This generic nozzle is actually more in line with the much lower flow range 520 nozzle despite having much larger holes bored into them. It's the quality of the nozzle, not the size that differentiates one nozzle from another!

Another attribute is the poor sealing characteristics of nozzles. The nozzles had dramatic leakage and failed every leak-down check we performed.

Bosio nozzles from kerma is the best option for maintenance,, or tdi performance upgrades of VW TDI injectors. kermaTDI started the TDI performance market with Powerplus 520 Bosio nozzles. This was the first breakthrough in VW Diesel performance.

Add kermaTDI VW TDI turbo upgrades, and TDI ECU or TDI Tuning upgrades with the kerma Q Loader flash programmer ...and we can take the 90 Horsepower VW TDI to 135 , 150, or 175+ Horsepower. TDI performance with increased fuel economy , that is why kermaTDI is a leader in VW diesel performance .

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