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Braided Steel Turbo Oil Supply Line for TDI [A-8]

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PD140 Lines back in stock and shipping!!

Braided steel oil supply line for ALH/BEW/BHW TDI, older mk3 AHU/1Z cars and for the upgraded PD140 turbo for the BRMs . This replaces the factory hard line between the engine block and the turbo. Includes a -4 AN braided steel high temperature oil hose, seals, and swivel fittings needed to install between the oil supply on the front of the engine to the turbo oil inlet.

NOT Available for stock BRM turbos. Also this oil supply line does not fit the 96 Passat without the EGR Cooler.

The oil supply line should be changed when a new turbo is installed. This line is durable and not prone to fractures, kinks, or breakage like the solid stock line. Professional installers and DIY appreciate the thoughtful implementation of this seemingly simple piece.

Notable features include:

- a hard-piped 90 degree elbow at the turbo inlet. While it costs a few dollars more, this is the best way to implement a sharp bend, instead of relying on the flex of the hose. It results in a neater appearance and less stress on this crucial component. The positioning also retains full clearance and convenient access to the vnt actuator adjustment and snap ring, even on the smaller turbos. The factory oil line attachment points can still be used for a secure installation and maximum reliability without stressing the line by sharp bends.

-Our fittings require smaller wrenches than the factory ones. The turbo side of our fitting can be installed using a socket, and then the oil line side can be easily installed with plenty of clearance for an ordinary wrench. The factory fitting typically requires a specially modified "sacrificial" 17mm wrench with ground down sides for proper access and full "bite" on the factory fitting. Our implementation is much more convenient and installer friendly.

-The block side replaces the factory banjo fitting with a screw-in swivel fitting. The factory banjo fitting is very awkward to maneuver into place, because space is tight in that area. It is very easy to drop the washer and/or bolt down into the nether regions of the engine, and we all know how frustrating that can be. Also, if the factory hard line is bent even slightly (all too easy to have happen) it's even more difficult to line up without cross-threading.

-The flexibility makes it a breeze to install. The factory hard line is almost impossible to install in exactly the same place as the original. Our flexible line is a lot more user-friendly.

The central theme here is user-friendliness while improving upon the factory features. We've done the legwwork and research, with experience that spans hundreds of installations, to make things as "hassle free" as possible for the end user and installer.


It only takes about 15ftlbs to make 'em seal. The biggest issue I see when installing this parts is that you need to route the braided line like the stock hard line and be sure to secure it with the factory clamps and bracket. If not it will rub on coolant lines and the wiring harness.

Fits VNT 15 (Stock ALH) , VNT 17, 17/22 , S7, 1726, K3 turbos

As well as Stock BEW, BHW turbos

The older Mk3 Turbos and the PD140 turbos are also available. Please indicate above

Are these rubber O-rings supposed to be used? i believe you are only supposed to use the crush washers? Also if you can give me torque specs for the fitting into the turbo as well as the fitting to engine block? I'm assuming the oil fittings are standard

The orings just center the crush washers. Snug + 45 degrees is sufficient, you just need some deformation on the washers to make a seal.


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