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Redline SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Gas cars

Pricing: $10.95


RED LINE SI-1? INJECTOR & VALVE DETERGENTcontains the most powerful high-temperature detergentavailable to clean gasoline fuel injectors, carburetors,and intake valves. SI-1 can clean injectors to nearly100% efficiency with one application and SI-1 willtypically provide a 90-99% reduction in intake valvedeposits compared to detergent unleaded gasoline,improving performance and fuel economy considerably.Clean air regulations and the change from leaded fuelto unleaded has left refiners short of adequate octanecapacity, which forces them to use cracking andoxygenates such as alcohols and MTBE (methyl tertiarybutyl ether) to supplement octane. This has created atremendous problem of coking of fuel injector tips andintake valve deposits which can cause problems within1000 miles of driving. Alcohol-containing fuels havebeen demonstrated to cause between 3 to 5 times moredeposits on valves than fuels without such oxygenates.Modern electronic engine technology has enabled automanufactures to provide performance while meetingemissions requirements by using computers which keepthe engine operating at the lean limit of combustion.Unfortunately, fast burn/lean burn engines are muchless tolerant of deposits than were older engines whichoperated at richer mixtures. Intake valve or fuel injectordeposits can alter the air/fuel mixture in individual cylinders,causing a lean misfire. Since the electronicsensors sense an average signal in the exhaust, thiscauses a further leaning to the point of significanthesitation and stumbling, especially while accelerating.Many refiners are not willing treat all their fuel with hightemperature detergents to clean dirty injectors, butinstead use larger doses of less costly carburetor detergents,which can partially clean simple cases, but thepoor stability of these detergents cause another, equallyserious problem - they break down and form depositson valves, causing a restriction of intake air and poordriveability. Many other fuel additives try to achievecleanup using solvents which can clean in a veryconcentrated form, but provide very little effectivenesswhen diluted in a fuel tank. Solvents have the potentialdrawback of causing swelling and degradation of sealsand hoses in the fuel system. Red Line SI-1 usessurface active chemistry which cleans effectively andsafely.


? Cleans injectors and carbs to like-new efficiency

? Prevents fuel system rust

? Cleans intake valve deposits

? Lubricates upper cylinder and valves

? Reduces pre-ignition and run-on

? Cleans emission control systems

? Stabilizes gasoline

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